Sunday, 16 May 2010

back once again

Well after a good start to the year ticking projects off my never ending list I was tiered of trying hard and concentrating on being good and healthy so I sacked it off and got good and drunk for a bit. While I was doing this it seemed like a good plan to go and do some routes, its nice to go out and get to the top most of the times you pull on, slightly less enjoyable to be terrified on routes that I have soloed in the past. Still all in all its a good but slow process that I am looking forward to carrying on during the scorching summer that is sure to be coming our way. Even CJD has been forced to join in albeit after a few drinks, steaming his way up Mental Lentils for his first lead in about 15 years.

CJD on Mental Lentils

Confused on the Medium

Utopia Traverse on a sunny day

I also visited the cave this week, only climbed in there a couple of times in the last year, it was nice to be back and I had a reasonable degree of psyche for some of the problems again. I really would like to finish off Clyde this year as it taught me more then just about any problem I have ever tried. Managed to do the moves the other day, had to fight the memory of hundreds of failed goes pretty much instantly so kept the session on it relatively short.

Been on Pools of Bethesda twice last week, a new level of closeness to holding the pocket has appeared, I am hoping to get it done before the heat arrives, we will see Ive been fooled into thinking I was close before.

Also been looking through at some of the write ups of what have become classics here are some of them, quite funny how things have changed.

Started training again for Autum, not going on trips has really focused me on the things I want to climb in Wales. So lots of Mill and Indy to take it up a level.