Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Prisoners of the Rising Sun

Before leaving for font Jack and I were casting round for places to go, we decided to find this mythical problem. We both knew it had been done but were unsure as to its precise location. Si filled me in so off we popped for a quick look. It was good, a very fine addition in the vein of bus stop, barrel groove or the sting sort of problem. It took a while to delete the probable sequence for the first move, Jack and I did the stand and climbed it from 1 move in then spent a while nearly catching the slope in my left hand turning toe to heel rocking up to the right hand (that I think from the description John went to first) After starting to pack up in frustration and thinking to myself what a shit time I was about to have in font, I swaped to swinging heel up and throwing all the way to the slope with my right then matching to move back and right to finish, it worked so well that I could instantly lap it, so I did and added the left hand finish into Simons problem Pacamacrack. (Or something like that)

If I hadn't of done it I would definatly have been saying it was hard for the grade. Then I could do it, so its fine. So its about 7c with a potential morpho sequence that may potentially make it easier, but mainly I think its great.

Video of The Problems

Thursday, 24 March 2011

The Law

Apologies to anyone on the edge of their seat/bored at work. I had got my footage all sorted and was ready to put it on with a trip blog, unfortunatly the Man has caught up with me and taken my car away until I pay up. So I won't have the footage till next week. Bugger.

Till then...