Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Out and About...

Frank at the Bowderstone.

Self-handicapping is described as an action or choice which prevents a person from being responsible for failure. It was first theorized by Edward E. Jones and Steven Berglas, according to whom self-handicaps are obstacles created, or claimed, by the individual in anticipation of failing performance. Self-handicapping behaviour allows individuals to externalise failures but internalise success; accepting credit for achievements, but allowing excuses for failings. Self-handicapping can be seen as a method of preserving self-esteem but it can also be used for self-enhancement. People may self-handicap to manage the impressions of others, or of themselves.

Says it all really don't think I have ever been to the Bowderstone with a decent nights sleep or without being under the influence. Wonder what it is I am afraid of.

CJD on Slapstick, again at the Bowderstone.

The phrase comes from the battacchio—called the 'slap stick' in English—a club-like object composed of two wooden slats used in Commedia dell'arte. When struck, the battacchio produces a loud smacking noise, though little force is transferred from the object to the person being struck. Actors may thus hit one another repeatedly with great audible effect while causing very little actual physical damage. Along with the inflatable bladder (of which the whoopee cushion is a modern variant), it was among the earliest special effects that a person could carry.

CJD and Katz trying Little Women in Kentmere. Looks really good, Chris was obsessing with the dirty crimp, of the original sequence or G'equence as it is referred to. Unfortunately he has eaten too many pies since becoming a real member of society and working in a proper job. Mark was looking good quickly doing all the moves apart from the crux, at one point stopping to inform us that he was a strong little bastard.

I was busy on Tourniquet which I managed to do from 3 moves in to the end in about 30 minute's before failing to redpoint it by consistently forgetting where my feet were supposed to be until I was fucked. Its very good though. Bit too much self handicapping on the way there. Still I do like Rocky, the film obviously.

Katz on The Karma of the Trees, again at Kentmere, again could have should have would have etc.
CJD on Caveman, A nice 7c+ on the top of the Little Orme, well nice if you like that Rubicon type of limestone.

Sub Society at the Cromlech I look particularly un-arsed about pulling on it, didn't like it before I did it now I can justify slagging it off. Its shit.

Jack fertilizing the Orme. A pleasant day at Lower Empire swinging round on jugs, I thought I had got better at climbing above bolts and stuff, then I realised I just hadn't tried anything I couldn't hold on to most of the holds with one hand should I go mad and let go. Still its fun trying, change is as good as a rest and all that. I do hate resting, find it terribly habit forming, generally they are bad habits too.

The Lotus, yes at last. Found this desperate, been on it at least 10 times in the last 10 years, remember being really excited to find a sequence I could do about 5 years ago, its been a visit a year since then pretty much, last time I did it from two moves in on the big jug. That was about November and I promised myself to go up again before I forgot what to do on it. This time it was sent quickly.

James on Jerry's Problem at the sheep pen, now I have done the Lotus I think I will make this my new bastard problem of the hills. Fucking gorgeous up there too warm by far for hard climbing but had a nice time on this and working the end of Kingdom of Pain.

This weeks Skin Report, its CJD and he's skinned his knuckles again.


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