Monday, 28 February 2011

Viva le Fontaineberry

I'm going to font on Friday, super psyche. Its was all a bit last minute to do anything much about my strength or lack of it, but it should be good. My normal holiday routine is to go to somewhere with Chris and roll in the siege engines and not really try anything apart from the project till its done. These trips normally involve a couple of days in a gutter in some small alpine town making friends (and occasionally enemies) with strange people. This time however I am going with Jack Rat and Joe Sterling who seem to think that you go to whole different areas on each day never mind different problems!

My last trip to font was in 2005, so its been a while. Previous best efforts were things like Controle Technique 7c+, Koala 7c+ and Halle Bop dammit 7c+. So that leaves an obvious challenge really doesn't it. Been watching the classics, Real Thing and HTTP bloc as well as the more recent Between the trees. Hopefully my preparations will turn out to be enough but even if they don't I am keen as, its been over 2 years since I climbed outside the UK. And I haven't really left Wales much during that time, so I may not have power to waste but definitely have psyche to spare.

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