Monday, 5 December 2011

Please please please...

There is some twitching on the interweb about winter climbing although I have no interest whatsoever in that the last couple of years while the red faced tired looking people gather in V12 for their apres session coffee, I tended to be midway between a project and a mill session or vice versa.  I am hoping the same will happen this year and as the clouds lifted from a ill advised day off booked on the spur of the moment because I spent too long talking to that man Davies.  "But I want it to be dry it will be dry" repeat ad infinity it might come true but no.  At 10 am I was reassuring him mission one was out, he seemed to think the Ogwen would be dry, watching the rain fall in Beris I was sure it wasn't.  Eventually after some questioning he claimed it was dry down the coast, surprisingly when I got there an hour later it was wet and it turned out i was only an hour ahead of the worst of the weather.  Was it wet all along, I wonder?  This is the man who once told me it was mint in Yorkshire for me to drive there, when I arrived we visited Almscliffe, Ilkley and Earl had a pint and drove home in convoy without pulling on.  When I questioned Katz later he laughed and said it was raining at 8am when he left for work.  

there be snow in them hills...

Anyway what I am hoping for is that all the wet in the world will be absorbed by icicles and snow leaving me in a wonderful white world where everything is dry and cold.   Snow is after all better than rain isn't it?


  1. To be fair, it was dry in Llandudno this morning with blue sky's, soon turned to shit though, so you can kind of let him off for this one?

  2. Oh no, It was horrible and pissing it down from when I woke up about 10 onwards, was also raining for most the night :|

  3. I was up a lot earlier than that - it was mint.