Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The maker of the Beast...

Been getting really excited by the Beastmaker in the mill, or should say Beastmakers as we have two, as Panton put it if one is awesome two must be better. My main aim is to do the 30 sec hang on the 45's. I have been building for the last 3 weeks gone from a few seconds to 24 sec to 26 sec. Last days off I made a new personal best of 29, I think I may have got 30 but I dabbed on the pull on so the first second didn't count!

As well as this I have been developing my locking and footless cross thoroughs . I figure all this will improve my lock and allow me to do my first non chemically induced one armer, another of this years goals. Here is a shot of the cross on the 35 degree slopers, I have also decided that rainy weather makes them sticky... Too far, probably...

But here is a shot of some lovely slopers to hang once beastliness has been achieved.

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