Saturday, 31 October 2009

Ups and downs

First up I went out to try and link the Lotus, it was wet under the roof but with all the holds on the lip in quite good nick, after a couple of hours of getting frustrated I managed to link it from two moves in, massivly annoying as those moves are piss. My sequence seems to work really well but I need it to all just go well for one go instead of constantly fucking up with one of the toe scrubs or flags. We then wandered down to Wavelength, I managed to do New Wave pretty easily which cheered me up a bit. Went down to the Pie Shop to keep on top of the moves on Humble Pie, they felt hard by this point. Finished up at Jerrys did that a couple of times before heading to the pub.

The Following day went to the cave and got massivly unkeen as my wrist hurt constantly as I worked an eliminate on a problem that I had climbed 10 years ago. Its not exactly easy to be keen in this scenario so I went and got pissed with Leroy announced my retirement and cursed our climbing addiction.

Obviously I was right about the addiction made it through till noon the next day before going to try Pools of bethesda as I have nothing else to do with my days off. It went quite well was getting my finger tips in the pocket with the toe hook still in. Doesn't hurt that much to try this so it seems like a plan to maybe siege it a bit.

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