Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Some Photos

Coming out of a hole, 10th move of a stand up and look where the floor is, magic!

The Minimum

The Pinch hold of Eat the Meek on the Plas Y Brenin bloc. This boulder has beautiful holds in a relatively sheltered location good fun on a windy day when you get cold or need a warm up before a project.

J Rat 2 on what became Bubbles traverse, beta master Si showing the way.

My aim strong little fingers, Choo shows the way working out Tide of Dreams bravely risking skinned knuckles on the grease. Interesting fact, Brian was an American who sprayed.

The fingers plan, climb on the 30 board lots.

Lou Ferrino sans chips (should be called Lou Ferrigno surely!), the classic but without the drilled pockets better harder and more interesting than the original.

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