Sunday, 14 March 2010

This Week

Mostly been sat in a cave projecting this week, the weather is still holding out and I think its probably been the best sustained period of conditions since I started bouldering. If only Wales had this weather for 2 months every year....

Apart from my projects I have also been trying to re climb a lot of the fingery nasty problems that I avoid. One that falls firmly in this category is the Sting a small but full on wall near the Roadside face. I have only ever done it once before about 9 years ago so I was pleased to do it in a handful of throws.

Short Video of Pass:

Other than that there is not a lot to say really split a tip on the last throw on my project and went to the Orme to go sport climbing. This was a waste of time too much standing around for me, waiting and watching. I can see how it could be good if you are a keen pair but as a mincer day tagging along with others its pointless.

This weeks skin report:

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