Saturday, 20 March 2010


Weather is very on off at the moment, CJD did one of the lines I have had on the go, a fair steal as we had been working it only on days when we could both get up there. It was good to see the line done, even funnier to see him dealing with a strange top out... Its called Stoned temple Pilots, other details are being held back while I try the other line. I am one move from the end of the hard climbing on this, fell there 3 or 4 times did the ending a couple of times, the exit moves were slightly easier than I thought which is handy. Its all set go I will be back for the redpoint ASAP, today was supposed to be good early start and all that, at my folks on Anglesey now weather watching the hills. Back to the wall tomorrow for 4 days so hopeing the weather is breaking a bit, been raining all morning we shall see later. Quite inspired by Jaconbury doing The Sting in adverse weather after work last night, the ascent without a tarp is an ascent without dignity. So there we go I am well keen, now see if the window opens.

Jack and Jim keeping up with the Canes. Kat keeping it dry, not sure anyone was keeping it real. Fighting the good fight on the Sting.

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