Wednesday, 2 June 2010

The unthinkable

I once watched Ug on Pools of Bethesda, he was catching the porthole numerous times and failing to get his right foot up due to fucked hips. I felt so sorry for him, as as far as I was concerned it was over at that point. Fast forward a few years and finally I am getting close to the move, its going to go. Forward to a Saturday night later in the week, finish work at 7.30 its cold so i sprint up to the Pass from the wall, jump on Jerrys and Bus Stop for a warm up, clean the spuff of a thousand people of the holds. J rat drives past on the way home for Kilnsey he stops to give me a spot, close again reckon on 2 or 3 more sessions get very excited. Forward another week and I do the move and have a little jig around the dusty floor whooping. Then the unthinkable I fall off after the porthole move 6 times. No way. She will go, cool as, just need some better weather, at this point not really fussed about not doing it as its been so long to do the move that this feels better than most top outs I have ever done. The end point doesn't matter to me for today. Next week again with CJD I throw and throw catch the porthole another 6-8 times fail higher up he says its hotter I think its cooler, who knows. It reminds me of sitting there playing games with myself trying to redpoint Mr Fantastic with a thermometer having a go when it cools down. A bit frustrated that day I just wanted to do it forgot about the fun, but there you go. Wales eh, if its not too hot its too wet or maybe as always these excuses, if I was stronger it wouldn't matter. Apart from the fact that I know the roof always has a good spell later in the summer, when the wind comes down the Pass and the only problem with conditions is stopping the mats taking out cars as they blow into the road I would be disturbed. Wonder how long it will be? Trying to be positive but kind of want to get fit as I have been out with a rope and that seems to be quite a lot of fun too. Terrified that I will stop being strong enough and the conditions will improve. Plus this all feels a bit fluky, hey ho, there we go. I keep thinking I should head up there in the morning before work but know from past attempts on stuff this is nearly pointless, I climb like a retard till I have been awake for a few hours, the only good morning sessions have been when I haven't been to sleep, is this the answer become nocturnal?. Ah Pools, come to me, heal the sick and the lame.


  1. woooho! well done on the ascent. look forward to hearing about it in detail. neil

  2. effort Dave! beast