Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Halfway House

My blissful resurgence in love for the cave is continuing. This week I managed to do Halfway House, which is nice, even if as the name suggests it is a mere stepping stone to greater things.  An immediate shift to the bottom of Lou Ferrino sees where this will end up, however the seepage in there at present makes it all a bit hard.  Maybe in the summer...  For the time being its great, you don't often get to the top of a new problem in here, in fact a day where you do a move for the first time is good never mind a problem. 

I also revisited Clyde for the first time in a long time.  It feels like maybe the cave will let me have this one soon, as long as I am a good boy and behave myself.  The gathering of Karma has begun with simple offerings to the crag gods.  The removal of litter from the cave, people can say what they like about it not being climbers that dump shit here, all I can say is its mainly old rags, chalk balls and finger tape so obviously its the local piss heads. 

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