Monday, 30 January 2012

Hope springs eternal

At last a decent weather forecast that coincides with my days off.  Its been a while all December and most of January in fact.  The return from training sessions to good days was about 2% and that has been pissing me off.   I have one project that was within 3-5 mm of being done at the end of November which has been wet ever since.  Another that is proving too hard in an annoying way, (flexibility not power) and the desire to climb Malc's Start has been coming on strong again in recent months.  For the last few weeks not a lot has been happening, had a trip to Stanage with James the highlight was doing Deliverance again, what a stunning problem that is.  He got all excited about Big Air as it was fully padded out, unfortunately he didn't commit to the last move instead jumping off a couple of times.  Round this way as i said I have been on Malc's a couple of times and think its getting ready to go, a bit less mincing and a bit more focus now.  The wall climbing is slowing down to try and take advantage of whatever good days come along and hopefully I have done enough to make a difference.  

You know you read various bits and pieces about these wads training routines, it struck me that virtually the only thing they all had in common was they do pull ups lots and lots of pull ups, being a great one for over simplification and given the fact that I probably haven't done 1000 pull ups in total in the last 10 years, I decided that it couldn't be that hard.  Error it is, about 2 hours and 500 in I gave up, which brings me to an interesting point, that being I GAVE UP, now I made up reasons like...

  • I don't want to hurt myself 
  • It might be sunny tomorrow 
  • My skin hurts
  • Better to break in gently

But the fact is I GAVE UP.  Word has reached me from on high that it is piss and I am right, I am being a wimp.

I guess weakness like strength is 70% in the mind.  Must try harder,  I am sure when Caff was coming into the Mill and campusing and doing pull ups after a session at LPT this summer his skin was shit, but his eyes were firmly where they should be on the prize.  So 6 days of no wine now, 1.5 kg down, eyes on the prize...

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